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The criminal justice system in Illinois is not meant to favor defendants. Despite constitutional protections, defendants without proper representation face an uphill battle and often receive unnecessarily harsh outcomes. While it can be tempting to handle a case yourself to not pay any lawyer fees, you often end up paying much more in the end, as well as risking your freedom and future opportunities.

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we know facing criminal charges of any kind can be intimidating and confusing. You may not know where to turn or how to proceed. As former prosecutors with decades of experience in the Illinois criminal justice system, we can tell you that defendants with highly qualified defense representation regularly fare much better, and sometimes, they can have their cases completely dismissed with no consequences. We are ready to help individuals facing a wide range of criminal allegations, so please call (630) 474-8000 as soon as you can to discuss your specific case.

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Criminal charges can vary as much as criminal defendants themselves. Each offense has its own elements a prosecutor must prove to obtain a conviction. Therefore, we tailor our defense approach in each case based on the specific allegations and circumstances of the arrest. No charge is too serious—or too minor—for our office to handle. We firmly believe you should have a zealous defense for ANY type of criminal charge, and we regularly handle the following, among others:

Any conviction will result in penalties. Whether you must pay a fine or receive a sentence of years behind bars, a criminal conviction will affect your life. Some common penalties for crimes in Illinois include:

  • Thousands of dollars in fines and court costs
  • Probation
  • A misdemeanor jail sentence of one year
  • A felony prison sentence ranging from one year to life in prison
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • An ignition interlock device on your vehicle
  • Drug or alcohol treatment
  • A restraining order against you with strict terms
  • Convictions on your permanent criminal record

What if you could avoid any of the above consequences by having the right criminal defense lawyer? At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we do not simply try to get you the best deal, but our goal is to obtain a dismissal of charges whenever possible. This leaves your record clear and does not present obstacles for future jobs or affect your long-term reputation.

Of course, a dismissal is not possible in every case. However, we have many defense tactics that can greatly reduce the penalties you face. In order to learn about the possibilities in your specific case, please pick up the phone and call our office for a free consultation right away.

Former Prosecutors Know How to Fight Criminal Charges

With such serious consequences on the line, you need serious representation. At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we worked as prosecutors in Illinois for many years before deciding to defend against charges. This experience gives us important insight into all sides of the criminal process, allowing us to better protect the rights of our clients.

We know how authorities and prosecutors work in making arrests and bringing criminal charges. We have seen firsthand the types of mistakes that can occur that violate a defendant’s rights or lead to wrongful charges. For this reason, we carefully investigate the circumstances of each case to identify any problems that help us to get charges dismissed.

We know what defense tactics work in different types of cases. Each defense strategy will depend on the details of a particular case, so we always give each individual case the full attention it deserves. There are many ways to fight against criminal charges, including:

  • Identifying which legal defenses apply to your case – These can include claiming self-defense, presenting evidence of an alibi, demonstrating mistaken identity, and more.
  • Examining the details of arrests and how police gathered evidence – If authorities violated any of your constitutional rights, we can work to get important evidence suppressed, leaving prosecutors with little or nothing to prove your charges.
  • Challenging the prosecutor’s evidence – We work to demonstrate when evidence may be unreliable, inaccurate, or simply insufficient to prove every element of your charge beyond a reasonable doubt.

We also understand how to negotiate with prosecutors to reach the most favorable plea bargain possible in the event they do not dismiss your charges. For example, getting a sentence of court supervision for a misdemeanor is preferable, since it does not result in a conviction on your record. We also bargain for felony probation sentences instead of a term of imprisonment. Our attorneys regularly negotiate for reduced charges and lesser sentences to substantially improve the outcome of convictions.

Our experience as prosecutors is invaluable when it comes to criminal defense. We have extensive experience at trial for both misdemeanor and felony cases, and we do not hesitate to go in front of a jury when it is necessary to protect your rights. Do not risk receiving a conviction or penalties that you do not deserve by not having the right defense.

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Criminal cases are never easy for defendants. They are stressful and your future is uncertain. Why not give yourself the best chance at a dismissal or reduced sentence by calling our highly-recognized and respected Willowbrook criminal defense law firm? We received honors from Top Lawyers and Super Lawyers, and we have a 10.0 rating on Avvo, the highest rating possible. Such recognition only stems from our aggressive defense approach, dedication to our clients, and the resulting successes in criminal court. After an arrest, do not wait to call (630) 474-8000 for a free case evaluation with Martin & Kent, L.L.C.