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Posts tagged "Felonies"

2 charged with aggravated robbery

On Feb. 21, it was announced that an illinoiss man and woman were charged with armed robbery after they were accused of robbing a woman in a parking lot. Authorities stated that they were looking to obtain money so that they could buy drugs.

Armed robber detained within minutes of alleged crime

Criminal charges have been filed against a 20-year-old Bellwood man who robbed a woman at gunpoint in a west suburban Chicago grocery store parking lot on Jan. 5. The charged man was quickly taken into police custody about 10 minutes after the incident. He appeared in court the next day and was held on a $100,000 bond.

Illinois woman charged with murder

A 23-year-old Carbondale woman is facing two counts of first-degree murder of a woman who was found burned to death in August. The Jackson County prosecutor also announced that the woman was also charged with one count of concealment of homicidal death.

Illinois teen facing armed robbery charge

A 17-year-old Illinois boy is facing felony counts of armed robbery and unlawful restraint after being taken into custody by police in Chicago in connection with the robbery and attempted robbery of Northwestern University students. Evanston police say that the boy was part of a group of individuals who accosted students on city streets and subway trains. Reports indicate that police are still searching for the rest of the group.

Indictment of alleged Latin Kings gang members

Sixteen men were indicted in Illinois on 96 felony charges after a three-year investigation into alleged drug dealing. The indictment was unsealed on Aug. 12 after seven of the men were taken into custody in Aurora on Aug. 11. Seven of the men were already in custody before the search warrants were executed, and authorities are still seeking two of the men who were indicted for the felonies.

Illinois woman faces felony charges for explosion in Target

A woman faces two felony charges after she allegedly set off a small explosion at a Target on Howard Street in Chicago. The explosion occurred on June 8 in the store bathroom. According to police, it started in a plastic bottle and remained confined to one stall.

Woman charged after firing warning shots at gunman

An Illinois woman is facing felony firearm charges after firing warning shots at a gunman who had shot her fiance on May 28 at about 5:20 p.m. The incident occurred when the 26-year-old woman and her 27-year-old fiance were driving in their vehicle on the 200 block of West Root Street in Aurora.

Dog-fighting investigation leads to drug charges

Two Illinois men were handed drug charges on April 14 after federal authorities executed several search warrants in connection with an alleged dog-fighting ring. Starting at about 6 a.m. that morning, federal authorities began searching 10 Rock Island locations and one Davenport location. More than 60 pit bulls were transported to a temporary shelter as a result of the year-long investigation.

Charges filed after investigation of Chicago political protest

A canceled political rally in Chicago, Illinois, still managed to draw a crowd estimated as in the thousands to protest against Donald Trump, the Republican front runner in the 2016 presidential race. The crowded streets outside the facility turned violent as a few of the protester fought with police officers who were on the scene to maintain control over the situation.