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Hanover Park Criminal Defense AttorneysThe Defense Attorneys to Call in Hanover Park When Your Future is at Stake

Each year, thousands of people are picked up for crimes, large and small. If you or a loved one has been accused of a criminal offense, you can sit idly by and hope that the state will treat you fairly. Or you can take charge of your defense and hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to stand by your side throughout all legal proceedings.

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., our experience positions us as the criminal defense attorneys to call Hanover Park. With over 40 years of experience, we have handled well over 10,000 criminal matters, from simple misdemeanors to capital cases, and our results are impressive. When no one else has your back, we do.

Our team is available every day of the week to take your call and begin prepping your defense the proper way. As a small firm, we offer individualized client attention instead of relying on “off the rack” defense strategies that have nothing to do with your case. If you want an acquittal, plea deal, or for charges to be dropped, then there is only one firm you should contact. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our 24-hour line today at (630) 474-8000.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Hanover Park

The attorneys at Martin & Kent, L.L.C., are both former felony prosecutors who understand how the opponent on the other side thinks. They have handled thousands of bench and jury trials before them and are tough negotiators who know how to get prosecutors to offer favorable plea deals. In addition, we’re never afraid to take a case to trial.

As part of our practice, we handle all types of cases, whether simple misdemeanors or aggravated felonies. For example, we have represented clients accused of the following crimes:

Few Hanover Park criminal defense attorneys can match our depth and breadth of experience, which probably explains why we have enjoyed such strong recognition. Timothy Martin, one of our partners, has been included in Super Lawyers, a highly prestigious (and exclusive) honor for Illinois attorneys. Our team has also been selected as Top Lawyers in Illinois for several years running. Don’t put your future at risk by hiring a lawyer who cannot effectively develop a defense strategy to give you the best chance of walking out of a courtroom a free person.

Putting Prosecutors to the Test

Our philosophy is to put prosecutors and the police on defense by combing through the factual record and finding every error they have made in their rush to judgment against you. Sometimes, we can use this information to your advantage to get the charges dismissed by the judge or reduced. Other times, we can make things so uncomfortable for the state that they drop the charges completely, allowing our client to move on as if the incident never occurred in the first place.

This philosophy is aggressive and we have honed it over decades of experience as Illinois defense attorneys. Our partners have handled over 1,000 bench and jury trials combined and are more than ready to convince a jury of your peers that you are not guilty of the charges brought. Our results are impressive. We have won countless cases at trial, often with the deck stacked completely against us. Even when prosecutors think they have a “slam dunk” case, we know otherwise.

Prosecutors know our experience, and they know the impressive results we have gotten for our clients. As a result, they have an incentive to offer up a plea deal that is reasonable for all parties involved. If you don’t want to just wait for the legal process to play out, then you should contact one of our Hanover Park criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible.

Making Arrests & Convictions Disappear

Good criminal defense attorneys do more than keep clients out of jail. We have also helped countless clients get their arrest records and convictions expunged, meaning that the paper record disappears. This can be extremely important for anyone who is looking to change jobs, apply for an apartment, or request a loan. Unfortunately, your criminal history will show up in a background check, which an employer or landlord could use to deny you a job or apartment. To get a fresh start on your life, you should seek an expungement, if at all possible.

Maintain Probation and Parole—or End Them Early

Our Hanover Park criminal defense attorneys also defend clients against alleged parole and probation violations. Typically, you have a legitimate reason why you could not satisfy some condition of your parole. For example, you might fail a drug test only because a prescription drug shows up in the results. Or you might have had a car accident that prevented you from checking in with your officer at the appointed time. In cases like these, we can convince a judge to continue with probation or parole and not send you to jail.

In other situations, we can help you terminate parole or probation early, which can save you the headache of constantly meeting with your parole or probation officer, as well as obeying other conditions set by the court. After early termination, you can get on with your life, having paid your debt back to society.

The days following an arrest or police interrogation are some of the most critical to your defense. Don’t delay speaking with a Hanover Park criminal defense attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you build a defense before the prosecutor even submits your case to a grand jury.

Contact a Hanover Park Criminal Defense Attorney Today!

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we have seen too many criminal suspects “wing it” on their own, convinced that they could outwit, outsmart, and outhustle police officers and the prosecutor. Unfortunately, they can’t. To protect your rights, you need experienced criminal defense attorneys on your team. Anything less puts your future freedom at risk.

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