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Criminal charges can have serious and lasting consequences in your life, from the possibility of jail time and other penalties to the impact on employment and your standing in the community.


If you were arrested for a crime or are under criminal investigation, it is in your best interest to retain a criminal defense lawyer who is capable of beating the charges or shielding you from the worst consequences.


At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we are experienced attorneys who have more than 40 years of combined experience defending the accused and have represented defendants in more than 10,000 criminal cases. We have represented many clients from Elmhurst and surrounding communities in DuPage and Cook Counties, including Addison, Bensenville, Villa Park, Berkeley, and Hillside. We are committed to resolving every case we take as favorably as possible.


We handle all types of criminal cases, from first-offense misdemeanors to violent felonies. Our attorneys are here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will provide you with the attention and personalized presentation you deserve. We never will advise you to take a plea bargain just to make our jobs easier and will not hesitate to take a case to trial, if it is in your best interest.


As former prosecutors, our attorneys have tried a wide spectrum of cases on both sides of the law. Our background enables us to confront the evidence and the circumstances of your arrest to provide a strategic defense. We are able to spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case you and use them to secure the best possible result, which could include an acquittal or reduced charges—or even the prosecution dropping the case completely.


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Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyers When You Need Them Most!

The lawyers of Martin & Kent, L.L.C. have a reputation for aggressive criminal defense. We have a reputation throughout Elmhurst and the western suburbs as tough negotiators and skilled litigators who work tirelessly to minimize they consequences our clients are facing. Our lawyers have received accolades from our legal peers throughout Illinois. Some of our notable awards include:

  • 2013 Top Lawyers in Illinois
  • 2014 Top Lawyers in Illinois
  • 2015 Top Lawyers in Illinois
  • 10.0 “Superb” Avvo Rating
  • “10 Best” Award from the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorney


In addition to the awards listed above, Partner Timothy Martin was named a Super Lawyer by Super Lawyers Magazine. Less than 5 percent of practicing attorneys in a state receive this honor, and an attorney only becomes a Super Lawyer after the completion of a proprietary multiphase selection process that involves independent and peer review.


We Help People Accused of a Wide Variety of Offenses

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we are qualified to represent people accused of any criminal offense. Some of the types of cases we regularly handle include:

  • Battery and domestic battery
  • Drug crimes
  • Drunk driving (DUI)
  • Traffic offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • White collar crimes
  • Theft crimes or burglary
  • Felony cases
  • Misdemeanors
  • Juvenile crimes


We also handle arrest warrants, record expungements, and other areas of criminal law.


The Potential Consequences of an Illinois Criminal Conviction Are Severe

In Elmhurst, prosecutors regularly seek significant legal penalties, even for relatively minor criminal offenses. A criminal conviction can result in substantial fines, probation, mandatory counseling, restrictions on where you may go or who you may see, and even jail time. In addition, many people who are facing charges fail to consider the effect that a conviction will have in the long term. A conviction on your criminal record can result in serious unforeseen consequences long after any sentence imposed by the court has ended—even if your conviction was for a common misdemeanor offense like possession of marijuana or disorderly conduct. Some of the more common collateral consequences that people with a criminal record often face include:

  • Difficulty obtaining employment – According to a survey conducted by HR.com, 96 percent of employers conduct some form of background check when hiring a new employee. If a court has convicted you of a crime, that conviction will almost certainly show up on a background check, and many employers are hesitant to hire people that have a criminal history.
  • Problems renting an apartment – Landlords also conduct background checks on people who apply to rent from them and often will refuse to rent to a person that has been convicted of a crime. Whether true or not, they often feel that renting to a person with a criminal record can lower property values and expose them to legal liability.
  • Trouble getting a professional license – Many people have convictions for crimes related to “youthful indiscretions” such as disorderly conduct or a first-and-only DUI are shocked to find out that their convictions could be a factor in whether they obtain a professional license. Licensing authorities for related professions like medicine, law, nursing, accounting, and others will ask an applicant to disclose their criminal history and may deny a person a license because of their criminal history.


Helping Clear Your Criminal Record

At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we do everything we can to protect our clients’ rights and futures. We prepare each case as if we’re taking it to trial and explore every possible avenue of defense. In cases where we are working to negotiate a favorable plea bargain, we will do everything we can to prevent the court from entering a conviction into our client’s record. In addition, we often pursue expungement of the arrest record itself, as even an arrest is considered a “criminal record” in Illinois. In cases where a court has already convicted you, we can sometimes pursue an expungement or a pardon so that you stop dealing with the lingering repercussions of your past and move on with your life.


Call Martin & Kent, L.L.C., Today to Speak with a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Elmhurst

If the government has accused of a crime, it is imperative that you retain an experienced attorney as soon as you can. The representation of a lawyer can often have a significant impact on the outcome of a case, and may even result in the state dropping its case against you.


At Martin & Kent, L.L.C., we have over 42 years of combined experience and have handled more than 10,000 criminal cases. In addition, as former prosecutors, we know the other side’s tactics and use this knowledge to get our clients the most favorable outcomes possible.


Our Elmhurst criminal defense team will do everything possible to avoid a conviction, or to mitigate the criminal penalties and collateral ramifications of your case. We will explore every option to dismiss or resolve the charges, including plea negotiations, but we are always prepared to go to trial to protect our clients’ interests.


If you were questioned or arrested in connection with a crime in the Elmhurst area, you can count on our firm for prompt action and fierce advocacy. To schedule a free case evaluation with one of our Elmhurst, Illinois, criminal defense attorneys, call our 24/7 phone line at (630) 474-8000.