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Misdemeanors Archives

Why misdemeanors should be taken seriously

Some people in Illinois who are charged with misdemeanor offenses may not treat them as seriously as they should. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, it is important that you understand that a conviction will mean that you have a criminal record, which can impact your ability to find a job. You may also face spending up to one year in county jail and the assessment of a fine.

illinoiss police department targets grab-and-run crimes

Black Friday is the traditional start of the busy holiday shopping period in illinoiss and around the country, and both retailers and law enforcement agencies generally put more resources into combating shoplifting and grab-and-run crimes at this time of year. While shoplifters usually act covertly and seek to escape stores undetected, grab-and-run criminals simply gather as much merchandise as they can while in full view and attempt to flee the scene. The Fairview Heights Police Department announced in a Facebook post that undercover officers would be dispatched to the St. Clair Square Mall to apprehend those committing grab-and-run crimes, but several individuals appear to have missed this message.

What happens when caught driving without a license

illinoiss residents who drive without a license may be committing a crime. Not being able to present proof of having a driver's license may also be a violation of the law. Common violations of driver's license requirements include failing to get one for the state in which a person lives as well as driving on an expired license.

Defining assault and battery

In the state of illinoiss, a prosecutor may charge a person with both assault and battery despite the fact that the two crimes may be closely related. The state defines assault as conduct that could cause fear of being subject to physical harm. To prove a charge of battery, a prosecutor must show that there was contact that resulted in bodily harm. It may also be established that unwanted physical contact took place.

Penalties for traffic violations in Illinois

Getting traffic tickets in Illinois is more than just an annoyance. Traffic tickets may result in substantial fines, the accumulation of points and higher insurance rates. Some traffic offenses may also result in jail sentences. People who accumulate too many points against their license may also face a suspension of their driving privileges.

An understanding of assault and battery

Although the issues of both assault and battery tend to be interlinked in lay terms, the two are actually distinct but closely related actions. Because the two types of offenses are so closely linked, there are states that combine them into a single offense category. Illinois residents should understand that both offenses involve actions that are offensive and that are usually intentional as well as harmful.

An Illinois speeding ticket can have huge costs

Although a speeding ticket creates an immediate financial inconvenience in the form of the associated fine, this amount can pale in comparison to the long-term cost. An insurance increase is not unusual for an individual who has had an infraction, but in Illinois, a ticket for 15 miles per hour in excess of the speed limit can be less expensive than the insurance hike that will follow. Further, that increase can be expected to last for at least five years.

Consequences for not having a license in Illinois

It is illegal to drive without a license in all 50 states. In some cases, a driver may face a penalty for failure to show proof of having a valid driver's license even if he or she has one. An individual may also be cited for driving on a suspended, revoked or expired license. Penalties may range from having to repair a part on the vehicle to having the car impounded or even facing jail time.

Some vehicles get tickets more often than others

A misdemeanor like a traffic offense can ruin anyone's day, but motorists with certain vehicles are more likely to attract the attention of law enforcement authorities than others. For example, one study found that Lexus ES 300 and Nissan 350Z models have the highest percentages for tickets. Illinois residents might like to know about the cars that got pulled over the most and least.

Shoplifting laws in Illinois

When people think of shoplifting, they normally associate it with of theft. While the two can sometimes be basically the same, it is important to note that some laws draw a distinction between the two. While theft is generally defined as a person knowingly taking something from an individual with the intention of depriving the owner of the property in question, shoplifting may not necessarily require that merchandise even leave a store. Illinois has a separate statute that covers it under the category of retail theft.