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Drug Crimes Archives

Will pending laws help the heroin problem in Illinois?

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on the market and is a problem in Illinois and the rest of the nation. Easy access to prescription medications coupled with the low price of opiates on the street are facilitating this drug crisis. Some note that heroin is more accessible than marijuana.

Are You Facing Marijuana Charges?

The legalization of marijuana has become a hot issue on ballots across the United States. Even Illinois voters approved a medical marijuana law, which is set to launch sometime this year. It may seem that the state is easing its restrictions on marijuana possession and usage, but the medical marijuana law is the strictest seen in the country and those without a doctor's permission can find themselves facing criminal charges for marijuana.

What to Do When You Are Charged With a Drug Crime

The government has made it no secret that is has declared a war on drugs. With laws and regulations enacted that treat those accused of drug crimes like a violent criminal, even minor possession offenses can find someone facing significant time in prison and a serious criminal. When these important personal freedoms are at stake, the criminally accused cannot take any risks with their cases. The first thing that you should do when drug accusations have been leveled against you is to contact a criminal defense attorney.

What are the Laws on Marijuana Possession?

In the state of Illinois, using, possessing, or manufacturing marijuana or cannabis is illegal under Cannabis Control Act and could lead to heavy fines and a possible jail or prison sentence depending on the amount of marijuana in your possession. It is also illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. You could be charged with a drug crime if you knowingly and intentionally have marijuana in your possession.

Felony Prescription Drug Charges

Illegal sale of certain drugs is becoming increasingly popular for use in recreation or pain management. Many types of prescription drugs, ranging from Codeine to Vicodin, can lead to felony charges if given to another person without a legal prescription. Even licensed professionals are at risk for such charges. Because of the severity of these offenses, it is important to understand why these charges are issued and how to secure a proper defense against them.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Approved, Patients Expected to Be Able to Use Medical Marijuana In 2015

marijuana-shutterstock_114904339-1000-ffccccccWhite-3333-0.20.3-1.pngMedical marijuana was not legalized in the state of Illinois until 2013 and the laws continue to move forward. Lawmakers met in Chicago today and approved rules for the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, which means that would-be growers and dispensers can soon apply for permits. Medical patients are expected to be able to use medical cannabis in Illinoi sometime next year.