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Chicago area couple arrested on drug charges

During a routine patrol of Southwest Highway on April 18, Evergreen Park police charged a Tinley Park couple with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. The couple, a woman aged 30 and a man aged 25, appeared in Cook County Court in front of Judge Michael Kane for their bail hearing. The judge ordered the woman to be held without bail, but the man's bond was set at $20,000. Both were represented by a public defender.

The arresting police officers alleged in court that their initial cause for pulling the Tinley Park couple over in their Volkswagen was a traffic violation. According to the prosecutor, the officers noticed that the man appeared to be concealing something in the front seat. Heroin was reportedly found there along with two hydrocodone pills. The woman allegedly admitted to hiding a small bag of heroin in her bra.

Both defendants in the case have a criminal history. The woman was convicted for misdemeanor theft and manufacture and delivery in Will County, and the man was previously convicted for aggravated robbery and forgery. Currently, the Tinley Park man is on parole from the Illinois Department of Corrections. Before their return to court on May 8, the couple has been ordered to report in for random drug testing.

When an individual is arrested on drug charges, prosecutors will likely use all the resources at their disposal to get a conviction. Defendants have the right to a lawyer, and they can receive counsel from a public defender or a criminal attorney of their choice. It's the responsibility of the defense lawyer to protect the rights of the defendant whether a plea bargain is entered or the charges are fought in court.

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