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Why misdemeanors should be taken seriously

Some people in Illinois who are charged with misdemeanor offenses may not treat them as seriously as they should. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, it is important that you understand that a conviction will mean that you have a criminal record, which can impact your ability to find a job. You may also face spending up to one year in county jail and the assessment of a fine.

Class A misdemeanors carry potential jail sentences of one year and a fine of up to $2,500. These include such offenses as DUIs, domestic battery, possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana but less than 30 grams, battery, retail theft, property damage, trespass in homes and others.

Class B misdemeanors carry jail sentences of up to six months and fines of up to $1,500. Examples of class B misdemeanors include trespassing on property and possessing more than 2.5 grams of marijuana but less than 10 grams. Class C misdemeanors carry potential jail sentences of up to 30 days and fines of up to $1,500. Some examples include possessing less than 2.5 grams of marijuana, disorderly conduct and assault. In some cases, misdemeanor charges may be enhanced to become felonies.

The attorneys at Martin & Kent LLC understand the seriousness of misdemeanor offenses. We work to help our clients who are facing misdemeanor charges to build the strongest defenses possible to the charges. By treating these cases seriously, We are often able to help our clients to obtain favorable pleas or to win dismissal of their charges. If you are facing a misdemeanor charge and would like to learn more about the potential penalties, you might want to review the additional information that we have compiled on our misdemeanor charges page.

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