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Driver charged with DUI after railroad accident

A 25-year-old Illinois man was charged with drunk driving after an accident that took place on April 12. His 2009 Nissan became stuck on railroad tracks near East Quincy and Cowley Road according to authorities. Police originally responded to the location after receiving a call about a car traveling near the Burlington Northern railroad tracks. When they arrived, they found the driver drinking a beer.

He told police that he thought that he was driving on the street at the time of the accident. The driver took a field sobriety test that he did not do well on before he was charged. According to police, the man has never had a driver's license. In addition to drunk driving, the man was charged with not having a valid driver's license or valid insurance. Furthermore, he also faces a charge of improper lane use.

If a driver is found to be intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle, there are many different penalties that he or she could face. The consequences may be more severe for those who are found to not have a valid license or who are found to be drinking in the vehicle. Penalties for such charges could include jail time, a fine and probation. An attorney may be able to help a person obtain a favorable outcome in such a case.

Legal counsel may contend that a driver does have a valid license and insurance even if proof couldn't be produced at the scene of an accident or traffic stop. An attorney could also argue that a driver was merely confused about where he or she was because of fatigue or the absence of road signs. This may be enough to help a driver avoid some or all penalties associated with drunk driving charges.

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