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April 2018 Archives

Illinois man with 15 DUIs charged with driving without a license

A man who has been convicted of DUI 16 times has now been charged with driving on a revoked driver's license. Due to the charges, which were handed down in March, he has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. His attorney says he was driving to the scene of a car accident involving his wife in Arlington Heights in order to assist her.

Driver charged with DUI after railroad accident

A 25-year-old Illinois man was charged with drunk driving after an accident that took place on April 12. His 2009 Nissan became stuck on railroad tracks near East Quincy and Cowley Road according to authorities. Police originally responded to the location after receiving a call about a car traveling near the Burlington Northern railroad tracks. When they arrived, they found the driver drinking a beer.

Man charged with drunk driving for seventh time

A 48-year-old man was arrested in Illinois for his seventh consecutive drunk driving offense. The man, from Bolingbrook, was accused of aggravated DUI, and bail was set at $75,000. The defendant needs to pay 10 percent of that amount in order to be released before trial.

Why misdemeanors should be taken seriously

Some people in Illinois who are charged with misdemeanor offenses may not treat them as seriously as they should. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, it is important that you understand that a conviction will mean that you have a criminal record, which can impact your ability to find a job. You may also face spending up to one year in county jail and the assessment of a fine.

Sean Penn's son facing drug charges following traffic stop

Illinois fans of Sean Penn may have heard that his 24-year-old son was taken into custody on drug possession charges on April 4. Hooper Penn and his 26-year-old girlfriend were reportedly driving in a 1992 Volvo when they were pulled over in Nebraska for suspected drug activity.

2 taken into custody after traffic stop

Police in a Chicago suburb stopped a vehicle on April 3 after the driver failed to obey a traffic light. An officer said that the driver and a passenger were making suspicious movements and that the driver was putting his hands in his pockets after exiting the vehicle. It was discovered that the 27-year-old male driver had heroin in his possession along with drug paraphernalia.

3 charged with selling synthetic marijuana

hree Illinois residents who were working as convenience store clerks have been accused of selling synthetic marijuana that had been laced with rat poison. Authorities said that the synthetic drug, also known as K2, could result in uncontrollable bleeding from the nose, eyes and gums. As of April 2, the K2 epidemic across the state had resulted in two deaths and caused approximately 60 others to become ill.

Criminal records expungement and sealing in Illinois

Getting convicted of a crime is one thing. Having that crime follow you for the rest of your life on your public criminal record is an entirely different thing altogether. Fortunately, though, for some criminal defendants, they can get their criminal record expunged or sealed.