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Steve Wilkos facing drunk driving charge

illinoiss fans of Steve Wilkos might have heard that the "Jerry Springer" star was in a car accident in January. Wilkos was charged with driving under the influence after initially claiming the wreck happened because he reached for his glasses.

According to news reports, Wilkos had a single-car accident in Darien, Connecticut. In the accident, he reportedly struck several objects with his car before it flipped over on its side. Wilkos had to go to the hospital and claimed that the accident happened because he was reaching for his glasses.

Law enforcement officers were able to obtain his blood alcohol results from his medical records by subpoena. The records showed that Wilkos had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.29 percent, which is more than three times the legal limit. Wilkos was charged with a DUI offense and turned himself into authorities. He admitted that he was driving under the influence of alcohol and that he completed a stay in a rehabilitation facility.

Drunk driving convictions may result in numerous penalties. People may be forced to spend time in jail, pay large fines and complete alcohol classes. They may also lose their driving privileges and face other negative consequences. People who are facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol may benefit by getting help from criminal defense lawyers who are experienced in these matters. Lawyers may be able to negotiate pleas to reduced charges or penalties that avoid jail time. In cases in which the traffic stops were conducted improperly, the lawyers may use motions practice to seek the dismissal of the charges against their clients.

Source: FOX News, "Steve Wilkos charged with DUI for January car crash, confesses to rehab stint", Tyler McCarthy, Feb. 21, 2018

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