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February 2018 Archives

illinoiss Supreme Court: Okay to seize wife's motorcycle

According to news reports, the illinoiss Supreme Court has ruled that it was okay for the state to seize a Harley Davidson motorcycle owned by the wife of a man who was convicted of a DUI offense while he was riding it. The decision was split with two justices dissenting.

illinoiss man gets 9-year sentence for drug distribution

After Elgin police officers confronted a 35-year-old man from Dundee near Cornerstone Park, he reportedly admitted to providing drugs to his friends. A search by law enforcement allegedly produced 7.9 grams of cocaine from his pants, and officers say they found more drugs and scales in his car. This evidence led to his conviction after he waived his right to a jury trial. His charges involved possessing drugs near a public park, a class X felony in illinoiss, and resisting a police officer, another felony.

Plea bargaining can resolve cases faster

On television and in the movies, criminal defendants will usually want to go through the jury trial to resolve the case. In reality, only a small portion of cases are resolved in this manner. The vast majority are handled through plea deals.

Complaints about odor lead to marijuana seizure in Chicago

Police in illinoiss say that complaints about a strange smell emanating from an East Chicago apartment led them to the discovery and seizure of marijuana worth more than $182,000. Several residents of a North Harbor apartment building complained about a strong marijuana smell, and responding police officers identified the apartment and traced the vehicles used by its occupants. On Jan. 29, police pulled over a car driven by a 25-year-old man who had been observed recovering a backpack from a truck registered to one of the apartment's residents, and subsequent searches are said to have yielded 219 pounds of marijuana.

illinoiss woman facing her sixth DUI charge

An illinoiss woman has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol for the sixth time after allegedly being involved in two car accidents on Feb. 6. The Montgomery resident was initially charged with a felony drunk driving count and cited for driving on a revoked driver's license, but officers with the Aurora Police Department added an obstruction charge when she allegedly refused to provide blood and urine samples after being transported to a nearby hospital.

2 face drug charges following illinoiss traffic stop

Two illinoiss residents were arrested in January on drug charges following a traffic stop in the town of Charleston. The 32-year-old man and 37-year-old woman were arrested after police stopped the vehicle near Adams Avenue and Fourth Street. The police allege that a drug-sniffing K-9 dog signaled an alert about the vehicle, giving them a basis to search it.

Reckless homicide charges follow DUI crash

The young Geneva woman responsible for a fatal crash last September now faces charges, including reckless homicide. The 19-year-old Geneva resident was driving the wrong way on Interstate 55 near Pontiac when her collision with a tractor-trailer while under the influence resulted in the death of her passenger. She was not initially charged for being under the influence and has been free since the incident.

2 illinoiss women arrested for heroin possession

Officers from the Hometown Police Department arrested a 30-year-old woman from Chicago and a 37-year-old female Hometown resident. Law enforcement first encountered the 37-year-old woman when she was walking with a male parolee in the 8600 block of South Kenton Avenue.