On Sept. 29, Illinois law enforcement agencies reported that 22 people were indicted on 52 felony drug-related charges. The charges were filed following a 10-month investigation into an Aurora-based street gang and its associates.

Authorities began “Operation Broken Heart” in 2016 during which they spent hundreds of hours investigating and making multiple controlled drug and gun purchases. Ultimately, 234 grams of cocaine in both powder and rock form, seven guns and firearm ammunition were seized.

On Sept. 12, a grand jury indicted the 22 individuals, after which arrest warrants were issued. Seventeen of the indicted individuals were taken into custody on Sept. 28, though the remaining five individuals were still at large. While the authorities were serving the arrest warrants, they also seized 7 pounds of marijuana. The accused individuals had ages that ranged between 18 and 47. Of the 22 taken into custody, 15 were facing charges associated with the distribution of controlled substances. Six individuals were facing charges associated with the illegal distribution of firearms and one person was facing charges for theft.

Those who are charged with unlawful delivery of a controlled substance could face serious legal punishments that might include a prison sentence and other consequences, especially if they were believed to have ties with a gang. Depending on the evidence gathered during the investigation, a criminal law attorney may defend an accused person against severe drug charges that could have a major impact on his or her future. In some cases, for example, the attorney may argue that the accused person was tricked or coerced into being involved in the drug crimes. The attorney may also argue that there is a lack of evidence proving that the drugs belonged to the accused person.

Source: Daily Herald, “Police: 22 people indicted on drug, gun charges“, Madhu Krishnamurthy, Sept. 29, 2017

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