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2 charged after cocaine is seized from apartment

On Oct. 1, the police department at the University of illinoiss reported that more than 400 grams of cocaine were seized at an apartment. The apartment was located in the 300 block of East John Street near Campustown.

Authorities executed a search warrant, during which a 21-year-old man was taken into custody. Investigators said that the man was a former student at the nearby university who had dropped out at the beginning of the fall semester. During the search of the apartment, authorities found 412 grams of cocaine; dozens of doses of MDMA; marijuana; drug packaging materials, including scales; and about $1,500 in cash. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

While the authorities were conducting the apartment search, they said that another man arrived to allegedly collect money that he owed from a previous cocaine transaction. The authorities also searched the man's vehicle and found about $9,000 in cash in the car's central console. The man, age 30, was also taken into police custody. He is facing charges of conspiracy to commit drug crimes.

Those who get arrested on drug charges could potentially face legal consequences that range in severity depending on the type of drugs and the amount that was allegedly seized. If a person was accused of being in possession of drugs with intent to deliver, the consequences could include a lengthy jail sentence and major fines if he or she is convicted on the charges. A criminal law attorney may assist an accused individual with determining what options he or she has when it comes to mounting a defense. For example, a lawyer may argue that there is a lack of evidence connecting the accused person to the drugs.

Source: WAND 17, "U of I police seize cocaine, make 2 arrests", 10/02/2017

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