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2 charged after 600 pounds of marijuana found

On Oct. 7, law enforcement officers in illinoiss detained a Mexican man after a moving violation. His arrest reportedly led to several drug busts during which authorities seized approximately 600 pounds of marijuana that were believed to be linked to a drug cartel in Mexico.

The 32-year-old man was stopped near the Route 134 and Fairlawn intersection in Round Lake Park at about 4:15 p.m. He was ultimately taken into custody for driving without a valid license. While the police were inventorying the vehicle, they reportedly discovered about 3.25 pounds of marijuana and about $1,900 in cash inside. The drugs had an estimated street value of approximately $15,000. He was charged with drug-related offenses, among others.

An investigation into the accused man's activities led to the execution of several search warrants on Oct. 13. During the searches, authorities reportedly found about 600 pounds of marijuana, an AR-15 rifle, ammunition and about $6,800 in cash in a storage unit. A 30-year-old Round Lake Beach woman was also charged with a variety of drug and weapon-related offenses. Both the man and the woman were being held at Lake County Jail on a $500,000 bond and a $1 million bond, respectively.

State drug charges can have serious penalties depending on the type and amount of drugs that were allegedly found. These penalties can include a jail or prison sentence, fines and court fees, probation and the requirement to undergo rehabilitation or enter a drug education program. A criminal law attorney may launch an independent investigation into the case to look for potential flaws. If there is a lack of evidence or an issue with the way the authorities conducted the search, the attorney may attempt to get the case dismissed altogether.

Source ABC 7 Chicago, "Round Lake Park traffic stop leads to over $3M worth of marijuana", Oct. 17, 2017

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