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Man sentenced to 11 years in prison for meth possession

On Sept. 13, a 30-year-old illinoiss man was sentenced to 11 years behind bars after pleading guilty to methamphetamine possession, according to the Vermilion County State's Attorney's Office. He was initially taken into custody in 2016.

Authorities say that officers from the Vermilion County Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Group discovered that the defendant planned to complete a drug deal with a second individual at a Danville restaurant parking lot on July 20, 2016. Officers claim that they went to the restaurant and observed suspected drugs on the back seat of the defendant's vehicle. The suspected drugs were later tested at the illinoiss State Police Crime Lab and confirmed to be methamphetamine.

The defendant received a 245-day credit for time already served. After he completes his prison term, he will undergo two years of supervised release.

Individuals convicted on drug charges can face heavy consequences in illinoiss. Possible penalties include lengthy prison terms, substantial fines and the seizure of personal property. Therefore, many defendants choose to retain a criminal defense attorney to defend their rights and protect their future as they go through the legal system. An attorney could carefully examine the evidence in a case to find details that could be used in a defendant's favor. For example, police may have overstepped their authority when they searched a defendant's property, which could cause the charges to be dropped. In other situations, an attorney may advise negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors, which could lower the charges and penalties. For example, some defendants may be able to complete substance abuse treatment in lieu of a prison sentence if they agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

Source: WAND 17, "Man pleads guilty to meth charge, sentenced to 11 years of prison", Sept. 21, 2017

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