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110 pounds of drugs found in man's apartment attic

An illinoiss man was taken into custody and was charged for drug-related offenses on Sept. 13. Authorities announced on Sept. 19 that federal agents seized more than 100 pounds of cocaine and heroin from the man's apartment.

Just hours prior to the search of the apartment, federal agents reportedly observed the accused man handing what was thought to be cocaine to someone sitting in a Cadillac Escalade behind the residence. Agents conducted a search of the man's Gage Park apartment and seized tools that are often used to measure and package drugs. They then found an access panel to the attic in the apartment building after finding a screwdriver nearby. Once they accessed the attic, they retrieved numerous bricks of heroin that reportedly weighed more than 90 pounds. They also found several bricks of cocaine, which amounted to about 20 pounds of the drug.

The 47-year-old accused man was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Federal officials said that if he was convicted on these charges, he could potentially face life in prison. He was scheduled to return to court on Sept. 26.

Those who were charged with drug crimes are at risk for being sentenced to life in prison if they are convicted on federal drug charges. Those who are immigrants can even potentially be deported. However, the severity of the potential punishments is dependent on a variety of factors, including what drugs were involved, the amount and whether an accused person was supposedly in possession of them, selling them or manufacturing them. A criminal law attorney could mount a defense against the charges by investigating the case and challenging the allegations made by the prosecution.

Source: DNA Info, "After 110 Pounds Of Cocaine, Heroin Found In Gage Park Attic, Man Charged", Heather Cherone, 09/19/2017

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