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2 charged with selling cannabis-laced candy

On Aug. 9, it was reported that a 51-year-old Illinois woman was taken into police custody after authorities recovered $98,000 worth of marijuana from a van. The police also detained a second person who was identified as a 36-year-old Georgia resident.

The two individuals were detained on Aug. 5 on North State Street in downtown Chicago. Officers responded to the scene at about 7:30 p.m. after receiving reports of people selling marijuana from a van. When they arrived, they found the woman with an open can of beer and determined that the man was armed with a firearm. More than 5,000 grams of marijuana was recovered from inside the van. This included bags of lollipops that were believed to be infused with the drug. Both the woman and the man were charged with felony possession of cannabis and a number of other offenses.

The van was said to be a "Weed World" van from Weed World Candies, a political movement that has been mobilizing to legalize marijuana use.

Those who are convicted on criminal drug charges could face a prison sentence, fines and court fees, probation and the requirement to complete a drug education program. The severity of these punishments often depend on the types or amount of drugs they are accused of being in possession of. However, there are some defenses an attorney may utilize against the allegations. For example, if a person was accused of selling a cannabis-laced product, a lab analysis could reveal that there are no drugs in the products.

Source: AL, "Birmingham woman in 'Weed World' van busted with $98,000 in pot, Chicago police say", Aug. 9, 2017

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