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Education and treatment for DUI offenders

California motorists who have pleaded guilty to DUI omay be required to attend an alcohol awareness program. It can be required as a condition of their probation or as part of their suspended sentence. The court orders attendance to these programs so that offenders can be educated about the effects of DUI and the dependency on alcohol. The programs are typically used in lieu of or to reduce stiffer punishments offenders might be subjected to, like incarceration, fines or the suspension of their driver's license.

Those who are successful with completing the alcohol therapy or education program may be allowed to drive again. However, those who are not in compliance with their program's terms may have to go back to court to face additional penalties.The Department of Motor Vehicles and the criminal courts in each state can compel DUI offenders to participate in treatment programs or education courses regarding alcohol. How the offenders fare will be a factor in their final sentencing.

In states that have compulsory alcohol education laws, people convicted of DUI offenses have to successfully complete a program before having their driving privileges restored. It is the same with states that have mandatory alcohol evaluation and treatment legislation and that require offenders to have their alcohol abuse issues assessed and to take part in mandatory treatment programs. Many of the states that have obligatory programs for DUI prevention require offenders to undergo both alcohol treatment and education.

People who have been accused of drunk driving offenses should speak with a criminal defense attorney to ensure that their rights are protected. In some cases, the results of a breath or blood test could be inadmissible if law enforcement did not have the requisite reasonable suspicion to conduct the traffic stop.

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