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3 illinoiss men charged after cocaine is seized

On Thursday, July 6, law enforcement authorities executed a search warrant at a home in a northern Chicago suburb. They found in excess of 400 grams of cocaine along with drug paraphernalia including packaging materials and scales. According to a Round Lake Park police statement, the search was part of a broader investigation into drug trafficking in the area. The cocaine had an estimated value of approximately $20,000.

After the search and resulting seizure, three area men were taken into custody on a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges. All three were charged with possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of such a substance with an intent to sell. Both of those are felonies. They were also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, which is a misdemeanor. In addition, two of the suspects were handed misdemeanor marijuana possession charges.

One of the men was allegedly possessing slightly more than 200 grams, a second had approximately 194 grams while the third had only 6 grams. The men appeared in a Lake County courtroom on July 7, and they were ordered to be held on bond.

The state of illinoiss takes drug trafficking charges very seriously. A conviction could result in a lengthy period of incarceration as well as a steep fine. As a result, people who are facing these types of charges might find it advisable to meet with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that a strategy to combat the allegations can be constructed. Even in instances where a search warrant has been validly issued, the attorney could challenge the search as going beyond the areas described in that document. If successful, the evidence that was seized could be held inadmissible, which could then lead to the charges being dropped.

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