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July 2017 Archives

4 detained after suspected bath salts discovered in apartment

illinoiss police officers took four people into custody after a suspicious smell was reported to Pana law enforcement on July 14. The suspicious smells were reportedly coming from a motel apartment complex located in the 300 block of U.S. Highway 52.

Judge's ruling pushes toward bail reform

A Chicago judge ruled on July 17 that defendants who are not considered to be dangerous do not have to remain in jail while awaiting trial if they cannot afford bail. In a statement, the chief judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, which includes the city of Chicago, said that defendants should not be punished simply because they do not have financial resources to pay bail.

3 illinoiss men charged after cocaine is seized

On Thursday, July 6, law enforcement authorities executed a search warrant at a home in a northern Chicago suburb. They found in excess of 400 grams of cocaine along with drug paraphernalia including packaging materials and scales. According to a Round Lake Park police statement, the search was part of a broader investigation into drug trafficking in the area. The cocaine had an estimated value of approximately $20,000.

Education and treatment for DUI offenders

California motorists who have pleaded guilty to DUI omay be required to attend an alcohol awareness program. It can be required as a condition of their probation or as part of their suspended sentence. The court orders attendance to these programs so that offenders can be educated about the effects of DUI and the dependency on alcohol. The programs are typically used in lieu of or to reduce stiffer punishments offenders might be subjected to, like incarceration, fines or the suspension of their driver's license.

Men face drug charges for selling pancake mix

Two illinoiss men face decades behind bars after allegedly trying to convince undercover police officers that a package of pancake mix was actually a kilogram of cocaine. Distributing or attempting to distribute benign substances disguised as illegal drugs is a felony under the illinoiss Controlled Substances Act. The two Elgin residents, who are 18 and 19 years of age, have also been charged with multiple felony counts of manufacturing, possessing and delivering cocaine.