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Selling Prescription Drugs On Campus? Read This First.

Illegally selling and using prescription drugs is becoming an almost normalized part of American culture. Increasingly, students are using these drugs to help them cope with the pressures and anxieties of school. But students often don’t consider the serious legal repercussions they could potentially face from selling prescription drugs like Xanax, Ritalin, and Adderall.  

If you are a student who is selling prescription drugs, keep the following in mind:

1. Selling prescription drugs can be as bad as selling meth and coke.

Students turn to prescription drugs as a way to relieve stress or feel high, or even get some study help. Students who sell don’t typically believe that selling prescription drugs is as bad as selling cocaine or meth. However, selling prescription drugs can have severe legal consequences on the same level as selling other illicit drugs. If you possess a prescription drug without the prescription, you’ll definitely be facing harsh legal consequences. If you’re caught selling these drugs, the punishment will be even worse.

2. You risk losing financial aid.

Even if it’s a first-time offense, being caught selling prescription drugs, even a small quantity, can come with a heavy consequence. You could face over five years in jail and be charged thousands in fines and other related fees and costs.

Additionally, if you plead guilty, even if you are only charged with possession, you risk losing any federal student aid. This means that if you are convicted of a drug charge, you could lose the very loans and grants that make college possible. Just possessing drugs like Xanax could prevent you from getting your college degree.

3. On-campus offenses are treated more harshly.

Selling prescription drugs may seem like it already has harsh and life-altering consequences, but if you’re selling them on campus, you could face even more trouble, including jail or disciplinary action.

If the campus police forces are integrated with the city or town’s law enforcement, you can expect to face city and state repercussions along with any on-campus consequences.

Anybody faced with drug charges can benefit from an experienced lawyer who can protect their rights. This is particularly true if your drug charges threaten to derail your college career

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