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Neighbor complaints lead to police raid on suspected drug house

Three men have been arrested after a tactical team from the illinoiss Law Enforcement Alarm System supported local police in Alton during a drug raid on a house. Complaints from residents in the neighborhood near Anex and Edwards Streets alerted police to the possibility of drug sales at a house. During the police action, law enforcement detained multiple people and took three of them to jail on felony drug charges.

The delivery and sale of methamphetamine and cannabis were allegedly taking place at the location. The Alton deputy police chief said that information provided by vigilant residents played a crucial role in the police investigation.

Residents expressed their gratitude that the police disrupted the drug use and sales allegedly taking place in their neighborhood. Authorities also removed five children from the home, and they have been placed with other relatives.

After a raid on a suspected drug house, the people arrested could face serious consequences if convicted of drug charges. A person in this situation has a right to the representation of an attorney when appearing in court or making a decision between a trial and a plea bargain. An attorney might begin by asking a judge to set bail at an amount that can be met so that the defendant might get out of jail. Next, the attorney could evaluate the evidence to see if it was gathered lawfully. An unreliable informant or search and seizure conducted without probable cause might enable the attorney to get the charges reduced or dismissed in their entirety.

Source: FOX 2 Now, "Alton residents help police bust known drug house", Erika Tallan, June 15, 2017

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