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June 2017 Archives

Law enforcement will be active in illinoiss on July 4

Drivers in illinoiss can expect law enforcement to be more visible and more active during the upcoming July 4th holiday period. Far more people take to the roads in illinoiss during the summer months, and the state's Department of Transportation provides grants to local police departments to help them to deal with the increased traffic volume and launch initiatives designed to enforce traffic laws and prevent accidents.

Neighbor complaints lead to police raid on suspected drug house

Three men have been arrested after a tactical team from the illinoiss Law Enforcement Alarm System supported local police in Alton during a drug raid on a house. Complaints from residents in the neighborhood near Anex and Edwards Streets alerted police to the possibility of drug sales at a house. During the police action, law enforcement detained multiple people and took three of them to jail on felony drug charges.

Former Giants linebacker pleads guilty to DUI

illinoiss football fans may be interested in learning that a former linebacker for the Giants, 57-year-old Lawrence Taylor, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence on June 19. Taylor was charged with DUI following a drunk driving accident in September when he hit a motor home and police car while in Florida.

Police arrest illinoiss man transporting meth in taxi

The Marion Police Department Narcotics Unit arrested a 36-year-old man based on observations made during a surveillance operation in the 1500 block of West DeYoung Street on June 5. After watching a taxi cab arrive at the house of the suspect, police reported seeing him load large bags into the vehicle's the trunk.

illinoiss rapper facing marijuana possession charges

Celebrity Chicago rapper Chief Keef was arrested on June 12 in South Dakota, charged with possession of between two ounces and one half-pound of marijuana. He was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest took place around 8:30 AM at the Sioux Falls airport, where Keef was scheduled to perform in a show. The Transportation Security Agency reportedly discovered four marijuana cigarettes and two THC edibles in the rapper's luggage as he flew out of the city.

Selling Prescription Drugs On Campus? Read This First.

Illegally selling and using prescription drugs is becoming an almost normalized part of American culture. Increasingly, students are using these drugs to help them cope with the pressures and anxieties of school. But students often don’t consider the serious legal repercussions they could potentially face from selling prescription drugs like Xanax, Ritalin, and Adderall.  

Criminal defendants have right to a speedy jury trial

Packed court dockets and crowded jails could lead to delays in processing cases in illinoiss. The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution anticipated the problem of people potentially languishing behind bars without a conviction and installed guarantees to a speedy trial decided by an impartial jury.

Uber driver accused of drunk driving with passenger in car

On May 28, an illinoiss Uber driver was accused of drunk driving while transporting a passenger. The 45-year-old Schaumburg man was ultimately charged with felony aggravated DUI/vehicle for hire with a passenger and a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

Alleged gang members charged with gun and drug offenses

After a two-year investigation, it was reported on May 26 that several dozen members of a Chicago gang known as the South Side street gang or the Gangster Two-Six Nation street gang were taken into custody on multiple charges. The charges included drug and weapons trafficking charges.