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Types of internet fraud

Illinois residents may have heard of various types of internet-based crimes such as using phishing to try to get someone's personal information. Activities like this fall under the larger umbrella of internet fraud.

Some types of internet fraud occur when software, also known in this instance as malware or scareware, is installed on a person's computer. This software might damage a person's computer and might use threats to try to get money from the person. A type of malware known as ransomware may target organizations and try to shut down access to data or systems. The person responsible might then demand paymentto restore access. Business email compromise is another scheme that targets businesses by compromising email accounts and illegally transferring funds. A similar scam, email account compromise, targets individuals in industries including law, banking and real estate.

With a denial of service, a user is unable to access a website or database. Data breaching is a broad term that covers the violation of privacy of both individuals and companies. Spoofing uses a forged email address while phishing may also use a forged email in order to convince a user to provide information such as bank account or credit card information.

A person who is facing charges for internet fraud may think the charges are not very serious because they do not involve violent crimes or drugs. However, criminal law may punish these actions severely. The person may want to talk to an attorney about the defense. A person might be able to provide useful information to law enforcement about others who are involved in the fraud, or a plea bargain may be an option. This may allow a person to plead guilty to reduced charges and serve a reduced sentence.

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