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2 illinoiss men detained on drug charges

On April 20, two men allegedly harassed a police officer who was leaving a Chicago courtroom. Reportedly, the two men followed the officer with their vehicle and shouted a threat to him.

The two men were stopped and taken into custody. Law enforcement later got a search warrant to search the home of the vehicle's passenger. According to police, they found a number of drugs in the home including liquid THC, anabolic steroids, cocaine and pills. Police also said they found a firearm and money from narcotic sales.

Both men are facing one felony count of harassing a witness. The man whose apartment was searched has also been charged with a misdemeanor for possessing a replica firearm as well as several felony counts.

People who are facing drug-related charges might want to contact an attorney regardless of their severity. Even minor drug charges may have serious consequences. Furthermore, in addition to legal penalties, drug charges can affect other areas of the lives of those who are facing them including their job and even their access to student loans. Therefore, they might first want to find out whether there is any chance of getting the charges reduced or dismissed. If searches are not done legally, it might be possible to exclude some or all of the evidence. people might also be taken into custody on suspicion of having an illegal substance, but after testing, the substance might be found to be legal. An attorney can review these and other options that those who have been charged might have.

Source: CBS Chicago, "Police: 'Copious' Stash Of Drugs Found In North Park Home", April 22, 2017

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