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Man sentenced to prison for marijuana charges

On April 18, it was reported that an illinoiss man pleaded guilty to unlawful delivery of marijuana. The 28-year-old man was sentenced to four years in prison followed by two years of supervised probation. The man's brother, who was accused of being involved in the case, pleaded guilty to being in possession of marijuana and was sentenced to 48 months of probation.

In mid-July, 2016, authorities were alerted that the man's brother, who was suspected of using Amtrak to move narcotics, had purchased an Amtrak train ticket to the Carbondale station. When the brother arrived, authorities observed him carrying a large duffel bag, which was then placed in the back seat of the vehicle that the man was driving. Authorities knew that his driving privileges had been suspended, so they initiated a traffic stop.

During the traffic stop. authorities noted a strong odor of marijuana. The man was also unable to produce a driver's license when asked. After searching the vehicle, they discovered about 35.3 grams of marijuana and just under $4,000 in cash. They also seized an additional 5 pounds of marijuana from the duffel bag.

A conviction on felony drug charges could result in serious consequences, including prison. A criminal defense attorney may challenge the charges based on the evidence that the authorities have. For example, if the drugs were found as the result of a vehicle search, the attorney could argue that the police did not have the required reasonable suspicion to make the traffic stop. If successful, the resulting evidence could be ruled inadmissible.

Source: KFVS, "Mound City, IL man arrested on drug charges, 5 pounds of marijuana found", Jasmine Adams, April 18, 2017

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