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Chris Brown being investigated for drug-related wire transfer

illinoiss music lovers may be interested to learn that, on April 7, it was reported that Chris Brown was being investigated by federal authorities. They accused the singer of wiring $15,000 to a Miami music producer in order to purchase drugs and an illegal cough syrup and soda mix popularly known as "lean".

The Miami music producer was known for posting photos of himself with other music artists, including Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, on his Instagram account. Additionally, he was also known for posting pictures of piles of cash and exotic cars. He had reportedly confessed to selling rapper Lil Wayne narcotics in 2016 after the rapper had suffered a number of seizures. The man's attorneys claimed that he was not a drug dealer and only purchased the expensive items as a way to showboat on his social media accounts.

The investigators reportedly discovered text messages where the man boasted that a person named "Christopher Brown" had sent him $15,000 for drugs and lean. If it is determined that the accusations are true, the authorities could file felony drug charges against both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

People who have been issued felony drug charges could potentially be facing a prison sentence and other severe legal consequences. A criminal law attorney may potentially challenge the charges based on the evidence the prosecution has. If the evidence includes text messages or other digital forms of communications that the defendant was not directly involved in, the attorney may argue that the person being referred to is not the defendant. Further, the attorney may also argue that any drugs found did not belong to the defendant or that the authorities committed an illegal search and seizure.

Source: Digital Music News, "Chris Brown Faces Felony Drug Charges After $15,000 Wire Discovered", Daniel Sanchez, April 7, 2017

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