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Radio personality detained on drug charges

illinoiss fans of the "Howard Stern Show" may have heard that former regular Artie Lange was taken into custody on March 12 on drug charges. Police in Hoboken, New Jersey, received a report that someone was trying to enter a vehicle and went to the address near Shipyard Lane and 14th Street.

They found Lange in his garage, and according to police reports, he confirmed that the vehicle was his. Allegedly, police also observed what they believed was cocaine and heroin in the vehicle.

Police said that they also searched the man and found cocaine and bags of heroin. Lange sent out a tweet about being detained. He has written in the past about his struggles with addiction as well as a suicide attempt.

People who are facing drug charges may want to discuss their situation with an attorney. These charges may have a serious impact on various areas of a person's life including their career or their ability to get financial aid for college. In other cases, people may be facing a lengthy jail sentence. However, there might be a number of ways an individual can get the charges dismissed or get a shorter sentence. The search and seizure might not have been legal, or an individual's rights may have been violated in another way. Testing might indicate that the substances are not illegal. In other cases, a plea bargain could be an option although people might want to discuss the situation with their attorney to find out if they are getting what they feel is a fair deal.

Source: Radar Online, "Drug Bust! Artie Lange Arrested For Heroin & Cocaine Possession", Alexis Tereszcuk, March 17, 2017

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