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Drunk driving cases in illinoiss involving CDL holders

Drunk driving cases in illinoiss are often resolved by plea bargain agreements, but experienced criminal defense attorneys may be reluctant to negotiate these matters when their clients hold commercial driver's licenses. Losing a CDL often means losing a job, and attorneys may focus all of their energies on getting drunk driving charges dismissed when their clients have little to gain from a negotiated settlement.

If you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, a DUI conviction could continue to haunt you long after your driving privileges have been restored. Truck drivers in illinoiss are considered intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of just .04 percent, and even first offenders face a full year off the road. Commercial vehicle operators convicted of driving drunk a second can time lose their CDLs for life. Even being off duty may not be enough to prevent you from losing your commercial vehicle driving privileges if prosecutors are able to prove that you got behind the wheel of your personal vehicle after drinking.

However, proving criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt can be extremely challenging for prosecutors even when law enforcement has provided them with compelling evidence, and defense attorneys may argue vigorously on behalf of clients who have much at stake. If you are facing a lengthy driving ban and the possible loss of your livelihood, you may wish to find an attorney who is familiar with summary suspension hearings.

When preparing your defense, experienced attorneys will likely focus on the reliability of the toxicology test results and the behavior of the police officers involved. Drunk driving charges may be dismissed when blood or breath tests have been performed improperly or with poorly maintained equipment, and police are not permitted to pull vehicles over unless they have probable cause to do so. If you would like more information about how we might be able to help, you are invited to visit our CDL DUI page.

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