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Man facing drug charges after traffic stop

On Feb. 1, it was reported that an Illinois man was taken into police custody after he was accused of being in possession of cocaine and rock cocaine during a traffic stop. According to the police, it appeared that the 60-year-old attempted to hide the drugs by scattering them around the floor of his vehicle.

Riverside police stated that an officer spotted the man's car near the Ogden Avenue and Lionel Road intersection at approximately 12:51 a.m. The officer stated that he conducted the traffic stop due to an expired registration tag. When the officer approached the vehicle, the driver told him he did not have a valid driver's license. The officer also noted that the man was sweating profusely. He asked the driver to get out of the vehicle, which is when he allegedly saw the white powder.

When the vehicle was searched, cocaine, rock cocaine, drug packaging equipment and drug paraphernalia were found. Additionally, officers also found prescription drugs the man did not have a prescription for and other items that may have potentially been linked to a burglary. He was being held in Cook County Jail without bond.

In Illinois, those who are facing drug charges may also be facing serious penalties if a conviction is obtained. Depending on the type and amount of drugs a person is accused of being in possession of, penalties could potentially include lengthy incarceration. As such, those who are in this situation may want to meet with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that a strategy to combat the allegations can be discussed.

Source: CBS Chicago, "Man Tried To Hide Drugs During Riverside Traffic Stop", Feb. 1, 2017

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