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Man charged after being found sleeping in vehicle with drugs

On Feb. 7, a 32-year-old Chicago man was a target of a controlled drug buy during which he was allegedly observed by authorities selling cocaine. The next day, the same man was handed different charges after authorities found him asleep in a vehicle surrounded by what appeared to be illegal substances.

Bridgeview police were notified of a suspicious vehicle that was parked in a gas station on Harlem Avenue at about 3:13 a.m. Authorities were told that a man was seen sitting in the vehicle for approximately 30 minutes. When the officers arrived and approached the vehicle, they found a man sitting asleep behind the wheel with what was said to be cannabis and a bag of white powder in his hands.

When the authorities woke him up, he allegedly swallowed the bag that was full of powder. The police also found 20 white pills, which were thought to be hydrocodone, along the floor of the vehicle. He was taken into police custody. He already had prior convictions for possession of a controlled substance and for manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, among other offenses.

Drug charges can result in serious consequences if a person is convicted. Depending on the type of charges, an accused person can potentially face a jail sentence in addition to fines and other punishments. A criminal law attorney may defend the person against the charges if there is evidence that the authorities did not follow proper procedures when taking the person into custody. The attorney may also argue that the chain of evidence was broken if evidence went missing or that evidence was planted on the person in an attempt to illegally take the person into custody.

Source: Oak Lawn Patch, "Man Arrested On Drug Charge At Courthouse After Showing Up For Another Drug Case: Prosecutor", Lorraine Swanson, Feb. 21, 2017

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