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Cocaine found in woman's sock at police station

A 37-year-old illinoiss woman was taken into police custody on Jan. 29 following a well-being check at her Orlando Park home. She was booked into the Orlando Park police station on an outstanding warrant that had been issued on Jan. 13. The woman was wanted for failing to appear in court to face a charge for criminal damage to property.

Though the woman was not originally taken into custody for drug charges, she was charged for possession of a controlled substance after police found cocaine on her person. According to reports, several gum wrappers fell out of the woman's right sock while she was at the police station. Officers believe that the gum wrappers contained one gram of cocaine.

Prior to the latest drug charge, the woman had no criminal background other than the pending misdemeanor charge for criminal damage to property. When the woman appeared before the Cook County judge, the judge said that he was concerned that the woman would not show up in court. The woman was released on bond for both of her charges and ordered to undergo random drug testing while her charges are pending.

A defendant who is unfamiliar with the court system may want to have legal representation in order to avoid making any costly mistakes. A criminal defense attorney may be able to help a client to understand the terms of their court orders and what they can expect during their case. A lawyer might also be able to help a defendant dispute charges that are based on false or insufficient evidence.

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