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February 2017 Archives

2 charged with aggravated robbery

On Feb. 21, it was announced that an illinoiss man and woman were charged with armed robbery after they were accused of robbing a woman in a parking lot. Authorities stated that they were looking to obtain money so that they could buy drugs.

Man charged after being found sleeping in vehicle with drugs

On Feb. 7, a 32-year-old Chicago man was a target of a controlled drug buy during which he was allegedly observed by authorities selling cocaine. The next day, the same man was handed different charges after authorities found him asleep in a vehicle surrounded by what appeared to be illegal substances.

Man convicted of drug charge while on parole

On Feb. 3, a man in illinoiss was sentenced to over 12½ years in federal prison for drug activities. The 35-year-old man was handed the 151-month prison sentenced after he was convicted of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine. After serving his prison sentence, the man will be on probation for three years.

Cocaine found in woman's sock at police station

A 37-year-old illinoiss woman was taken into police custody on Jan. 29 following a well-being check at her Orlando Park home. She was booked into the Orlando Park police station on an outstanding warrant that had been issued on Jan. 13. The woman was wanted for failing to appear in court to face a charge for criminal damage to property.

Medical Lab Testing of Criminal Evidence: How Accurate is DNA Testing, Really?

As technology has advanced, there was an assumption made that there would be many more open and shut cases in the world of criminal justice. The hope was that this would lead to fewer trials, more plea deals, fewer false incarcerations, and an overall decrease in crime rate.

Man facing drug charges after traffic stop

On Feb. 1, it was reported that an illinoiss man was taken into police custody after he was accused of being in possession of cocaine and rock cocaine during a traffic stop. According to the police, it appeared that the 60-year-old attempted to hide the drugs by scattering them around the floor of his vehicle.

Man causes fatal crash

A 19-year-old man has been charged with a DUI after causing a crash on Jan. 28 in Chicago. According to law enforcement officials, two individuals were injured and one man was killed as a result of the crash.

Woman charged with DUI after claiming she had 3 drinks

A 25-year-old suburban Chicago woman was charged with DUI after she told authorities that she was driving to a nearby White Castle in order to "sober up". According to Riverside police, a traffic stop was conducted on her vehicle after authorities saw it cross the center lane.