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Illegal drug cultivation and manufacturing

In Illinois and throughout the United States, it is illegal to cultivate or manufacture illegal drugs like marijuana and methamphetamine. The only limited exception in some states is in regards to marijuana. Violating cultivation and manufacturing laws could lead to serious state and/or federal charges.

Illegal drug manufacturing refers to any step that is part of the production process of an illegal substance. People who sell drug paraphernalia, such as chemicals and equipment, or offer assistance in the process could also face criminal charges.

It is a felony to produce illegal drugs, and penalties for those convicted of such charges include high fines, probation and incarceration. If someone is convicted of manufacturing illegal drugs in close proximity to playgrounds and schools, they could face double fines and prison sentences.

In regards to federal charges and sentencing pertaining to cultivation of marijuana, they are much similar to the manufacture of other drugs. People who are convicted of cultivating 50 marijuana plants or fewer could be penalized up to five years in prison. Those convicted of cultivating 1,000 or more of these plants could face a life prison sentence.

In Washington and Colorado, marijuana can be used legally for recreational purposes. However, in Colorado, non-medical users are allowed to cultivate six or fewer marijuana plants. In states where medical marijuana is allowed, the law differs regarding whether or not approved patients can cultivate the plant and how much can be cultivated.

Facing drug charges in Illinois might result in serious penalties; therefore, a defendant might wish to contact a criminal defense attorney who could find a way to get such charges lowered or dismissed. For instance, a banned substance found in the defendant's vehicle may be insufficient evidence to prove the person was manufacturing drugs.

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