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How synthetic drugs are treated under the law

Illinois residents may have heard of synthetic drugs like spice or bath salts. These compounds are created by altering the chemical composition of a drug in an effort to create a legal substance. However, new synthetic drugs are generally declared illegal once they are discovered. In some cases, it may be legal to possess substances that mimic the look or effect of an illegal drug even though it may be illegal to sell them.

Those who use synthetic drugs may react in an unpredictable manner while they are high. Anecdotal evidence finds that users may be prone to violent outbursts or violate the law in other ways. In fact, one chemist suggested that people may be safer using traditional drugs compared to newer substances.

Spice, also known as KC, is a harmless plant that is coated in a variety of different chemicals before it is smoked or ingested. Packaging for this substance will often warn users that it is not intended to be consumed by people, and it can have serious side effects for those who use it. Even if an individual hasn't committed a crime while high in public, he or she could still be taken into custody for public intoxication.

Those who are charged with possession with intent to distribute, being under the influence of a controlled substance or any other drug charge may wish to consult a lawyer. The attorney may seek to create a defense to the charge that could result in a full acquittal or reduced penalties through a plea bargain. For instance, it may be argued that an individual didn't know that he or she took a synthetic substance or that it was illegal to be in possession of one.

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