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Woman charged with felony illegal firearm sales

A woman who was accused of illegally selling guns for profit was taken into custody and charged by Chicago law enforcement officers on Sept. 27. The 22-year-old woman was charged with four felonies in total.

Authorities were reportedly contacted about a stolen pistol that was later found in possession by an underage individual. During an investigation, it was found that the accused woman had purchased four similar pistols over a period of six months. It appeared that she also sold two additional guns to a person she met on a social media site shortly after legally purchasing the guns. The man in question reportedly was on probation for domestic battery and claimed that he had ties to a gang. She was also accused of possessing ammo that was able to pierce bullet proof vests.

The woman was ultimately charged with two counts of illegal transfer of firearms and two counts of selling guns to individuals who did not hold a valid Firearms Owners Identification card. However, it was reported that she may not face prison time though she could face revocation of her legal FOID card.

People who are accused of illegally possessing or selling firearms, they could face serious consequences if they are charged with a felony. A criminal law attorney may assist with creating a strong defense based on the evidence against the defendant. If there is evidence that the person was knowingly in possession of the firearm or intentionally sold the firearm. If the prosecution has strong evidence against the person, an attorney may potentially negotiate a plea bargain that would reduce the severity of the charges or the potential punishments.

Source: Guns, "Chicago police charge straw purchaser with four felonies", Christen Smith, Sept. 30, 2016

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