An Illinois man was sentenced to serve 23 years in prison for possession of 900 grams of heroin with intent to sell. The sentence was handed down on Oct. 14 in DuPage County.

Law enforcement authorities reported that they were notified by Amtrak employees that the man had acted in a suspicious manner when he was boarding a train for Naperville. When the man arrived, he retrieved two duffel bags and got into a car that was picking him up. The vehicle was then stopped for a traffic offense, and officers said that they requested permission to search the man’s bags.

Officers claim that the man gave them consent to search, and they found 900 grams of heroin that police said had a street value of $160,000. He was taken into custody on a $1 million bond and was held until his plea and sentencing on Oct. 14. He pleaded guilty to one count of unlawfully possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver it. Authorities said that he will have to serve 75 percent of his prison sentence before he reaches parole eligibility.

Drug trafficking can bring very harsh sentences when people are convicted. Those who are charged might want to get help from a criminal defense attorney who has experienced with these types of cases. Attorneys might spot issues with the manner in which the searches that led to the seizure of the drugs were conducted, and they may be able to successfully challenge the admissibility of the evidence against their clients. In other cases, the negotiation of a plea agreement with the prosecutor might be advisable.

Source: Elhurst Patch, “Elgin man sentenced to 23 years for possession, intent to sell 900 grams of heroin,” Anicka Slachta, Oct. 14, 2016.

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