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Illinois man facing drug charges after car, residence searches

A 52-year-old Illinois man is facing a raft of charges after being taken into custody on Sept. 15. Deputies with the Will County Sheriff's Office say that they discovered weapons and unauthorized law enforcement identification in his car and a methamphetamine lab in his home. Reports indicate that the man's bond has been set at $865,000 and he is being held at a Will County adult detention facility.

Deputies arrived at the man's Bolingbrook residence to take him into custody on drug charges, and they elected to wait outside the Larkspur Drive house after being told that he was not home. When the man arrived, deputies say that they discovered a discrepancy when running a registration check on his Chevrolet Camaro. A subsequent search of the vehicle reportedly uncovered several handguns, a U.S. Marshals Service shield and several pieces of law enforcement identification.

Deputies say that members of the man's family gave them permission to search his home to look for any other police items. It was during this search that a methamphetamine lab was allegedly discovered in the basement. Deputies then secured the property and applied for a search warrant. A later search is said to have uncovered drug-making equipment, firearms and significant amounts of currency.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys will generally encourage their clients to take advantage of their constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from unlawful search and seizure, but criminal suspects give up these rights when they consent to searches. When police are denied permission to conduct a search, they must apply for a search warrant and conduct themselves within the strict boundaries laid out in that warrant. When these boundaries are crossed, defense attorneys may request that any evidence seized be deemed inadmissible.

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