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2 woman face money laundering charges in Illinois drug bust

Two women driving southbound toward California via an Illinois freeway were taken into custody after they were caught hiding $2.4 million in the vehicle's interior panels. The arrest occurred after a routine traffic stop on Sept. 4 in Madison County.

Police say that they pulled the vehicle over on Interstate 55/70 for speeding and because its license plate was obstructed. When they spoke to the women, officers sensed something unusual, so they proceeded to search the vehicle with the help of a drug-detecting canine. This led to the officers finding hidden money stashed inside the sides of the car's interior.

Because the two women did not have a criminal record, they were able to travel through the area undetected. At the time of reporting, authorities were in the process of trying to put the cash toward combating drugs and drug trafficking crimes, which is a major problem within the St. Louis vicinity. The local county routes are commonly used in drug trafficking because it connects Mexico to Chicago.

Drug charges can lead to penalties such as jail time and steep fines. Therefore, it may be beneficial for those facing such charges to contact a criminal defense attorney who could assist them with their case. An attorney could analyze a case to see if there is any way a defendant's charges might be mitigated. For instance, if a defendant's rights were infringed on at any point during the investigation, the charges could be lowered or completely dropped. Alternatively, the attorney could possibly arrange a plea bargain that may result in the defendant avoiding a jail sentence.

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