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September 2016 Archives

A patch to combat DWIs

Being intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle is behavior that can result in an accident that can cause serious injuries. Drunk driving is an issue in Illinois and the rest of the nation. To combat the problem of intoxicated drivers, a start-up company has developed an anti-DWI patch.

Illinois man facing drug charges after car, residence searches

A 52-year-old Illinois man is facing a raft of charges after being taken into custody on Sept. 15. Deputies with the Will County Sheriff's Office say that they discovered weapons and unauthorized law enforcement identification in his car and a methamphetamine lab in his home. Reports indicate that the man's bond has been set at $865,000 and he is being held at a Will County adult detention facility.

2 woman face money laundering charges in Illinois drug bust

Two women driving southbound toward California via an Illinois freeway were taken into custody after they were caught hiding $2.4 million in the vehicle's interior panels. The arrest occurred after a routine traffic stop on Sept. 4 in Madison County.

Man faces 2 felony counts for allegedDUI incident

A 68-year-old man was charged with DUI after a 3-car accident in Chicago on Sept. 13. The crash occurred in the Chatham neighborhood and injured seven people, including the accused driver. At a hearing on Sept. 15, a judge set the man's bond at $5 million.

What are drug courts?

In Illinois, drug courts are special programs within criminal courts that accept nonviolent drug offenders. These programs are very structured and monitor participants closely as they complete treatment programs for their drug addictions. In order to participate, offenders have to agree to follow the drug court rules, commit to counseling and treatment and attend court frequently. They also must submit to frequent random drug tests.

Clear rules could reduce teen drinking

Illinois parents may have a relatively easy way to reduce the odds that their children drink alcohol. In a study of more than 1,100 teenagers and young adults in 24 different cities, it was found that they were less likely to drink when their parents set clear rules prohibiting that activity.

Court announces rules for pot decriminalization

Illinois residents may be interested to learn that, on Sept. 1, the Illinois Supreme Court announced rules associated with the state's marijuana decriminalization law. This law was signed on July 9 by Gov. Bruce Rauner and allowed the Supreme Court to clarify and define the rules for those who were caught with up to 10 grams of marijuana.