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New data shows drunk driving risk in all states

Illinois residents and others across the country may want to take a look at compiled statistics for each state detailing drunk driving rates. Statistics were taken from several national organizations, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The drunk driving statistics were compiled to show the cost associated with each fatality, the percentage of drunk driving crashes that resulted in death, arrests of drunk drivers, penalties imposed on drunk drivers and laws related to drunk driving. The site then gave each state a numeric ranking based on this information. The state that had the worst ranking was North Dakota, which had the highest fatality ranking in the country. However, this was not due to police apathy as they also had the most DUI arrests. The cost associated with fatalities was the second highest in the country. Montana ranked second in the country with a high cost per fatality rank despite ranking first with the types of laws and statutes on drunk driving.

In comparison, Illinois had a much better ranking when concerning drunk driving as it was placed 43rd on the list. It had one of the lowest cost per fatality rankings and a low percentage of crashes involving fatalities. It also had a high rate of success in arrests and laws on the books.

Individuals who are facing a drunk driving charge may choose to discuss their case confidentially with a DUI criminal defense lawyer. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to explain Illinois state laws regarding drunk driving and whether specific defenses may arise. He or she may also explain options available to the defendant and recommend a course of action.

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