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Man charged with selling drugs

Illinois residents may be interested to learn that a 44-year-old man has been taken into custody on federal drug charges in the Quad Cities. The accused has a record of previous convictions on drug-related offenses. He is being held by the U.S. Marshals Service.

The accused previously served several years in prison after being convicted of drug trafficking in the 1990s. After his release, he was again found to be in possession of marijuana and cocaine during a traffic stop in 2012. Media sources say that the Drug Enforcement Administration again took notice of the man after someone reported that he'd offered to sell them crack cocaine in May.

Police surveillance reportedly led investigators to storage facilities in Illinois where the man was suspected of hiding illegal substances. A K-9 is said to have confirmed the presence of narcotics inside one of the storage facilities, and the man was detained the following day. The man has been accused on two counts of drug-related offenses. First, authorities accuse him of having conspired to manufacture and distribute cocaine and heroin during the spring of 2016. Second, he allegedly had more than 500 grams of cocaine in his possession when he was taken into custody on June 2.

Since a record of previous convictions can indeed lead to more serious consequences than would otherwise be the case, it is important to contest drug charges as vigorously as possible. In such a situation, an attorney might be able to advise a defendant about the charges and develop a strategy to combat them based upon the evidence in the case.

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