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2 men handed drug charges after controlled buys

Chicago Ridge police took two men into custody for drug charges on June 13 after conducting two separate undercover controlled buys. Police monitored both men while they were allegedly engaged in hand-to-hand drug transactions. Each of the accused men was charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

One of the accused men is a 28-year-old business administration student currently working on his master's degree. At about 10 a.m., the man was seen exchanging 100 Vicodin pills for $400 with a confidential source working for the police. The money that was used during the controlled buy had been marked by the police. There are no prior drug charges on the man's record. He was held on $30,000 bail and asked to comply with random drug testing before his next court date on July 12.

The second accused man is 31 years old and has two prior convictions on his record. He was convicted for aggravated criminal sexual abuse in 2008 and aggravated battery in 2011. In the most recent incident, the man was allegedly seen exchanging a half-ounce of cocaine for $500 in the parking lot of a Shell station. His bail was set at $50,000, and his next court date was scheduled for July 12.

A prior criminal record can be very important when people are facing new charges. If a defendant has previous convictions, a judge may be more likely to hand out a longer sentence. A lawyer representing such a defendant can sometimes successfully obtain a less harsh penalty when mitigating factors are present, however.

Source: Palos Patch, "Cops Arrest Two in Separate Controlled Drug Buys: Prosecutor ," Lorraine Swanson, June 14, 2016

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