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Police suspect dealer used woman's apartment to sell drugs

An Illinois drug bust revealed a unique situation on April 28 when the authorities in possession of a search warrant found a supposed drug dealer operating out of the Berwyn apartment of a mentally-challenged woman. The 59-year-old woman reportedly received cocaine and cash in exchange for the use of her apartment as a drug distribution headquarters, and a Riverside Police Department representative said that the woman did not have the ability to understand what was going on.

The search conducted by the RPD, the Cook County Sheriff's police canine unit and the West Suburban Enhanced Drug Gang Enforcement Task Force yielded 96 hydrocodone pills, 70 grams of cocaine and 17 grams of cannabis. The apartment also contained cutting, packing and distribution materials for delivering drugs along with more than $1,000 in cash that allegedly came from narcotics sales.

A 54-year-old man was charged with a Class 4 felony for possession of a controlled substance, but the target of the search was a 41-year-old woman who faces charges for possession of cocaine, manufactured delivery of cocaine, possession of cannabis, manufactured delivery of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. The authorities believe that the woman used the apartment for illegal purposes while she was supposed to be taking care of the mentally-challenged occupant.

Felony drug charges in Illinois come with harsh consequences if a conviction is obtained. Manufacturing and delivering illegal drugs is a Class X felony under Illinois law, with a minimum sentence of six years. As a result, those who are in this position should have the representation of a criminal defense attorney who will either need to construct a strategy to combat those charges or else consider a plea agreement with the prosecution.

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