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Man sentenced in connection with deadly DUI accident

An Illinois resident is slated to spend 10 years in prison after appearing in court on May 8. He pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated drunk driving earlier in the year in connection with a deadly accident that occurred in July 2014. The court's sentencing in the case took place in Macon County.

Reports indicate that the accident in question took place on a wet road. At the time, the defendant drove with a revoked driver's license. Additionally, his blood alcohol content was found to be approximately double the legal limit. He apparently was speeding and then lost control of the vehicle. He collided with a tree, and the 20-year old woman riding with him perished from her injuries.

Authorities found that in addition to alcohol, the driver tested positive for other drugs at the time, including cocaine. At the time of his sentencing, he also received a one-year prison sentence connected to a separate drunk driving conviction. The two sentences will be consecutively served.

People who have been charged with impaired driving could face challenges if there are additional incidents on their record at the time, especially if a serious accident has occurred. However, blood testing is not an automatic indicator of one's guilt in such a situation. It may be important to identify that the equipment used in drawing a blood sample is not contaminated. It can also be crucial to evaluate whether officials have followed the rules in detaining and charging an individual.

A criminal lawyer might be helpful in addressing protocol errors after a serious accident. Legal counsel might also evaluate the probability of the prosecution being able to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt when considering a plea agreement.

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