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May 2016 Archives

Police detain dozens for various offenses

On May 20, officials in Chicago announced that there had been a large number of gang members and people involved in drugs and weapons trafficking taken into custody. Police detained the individuals over two days as part of the city's effort to stop gun violence. Federal law enforcement assisted in the arrests.

College football star charged with drunk driving

College football fans in Illinois might be familiar with Boston College wide receiver Troy Flutie. He is the nephew of Eagles legend and former Patriots, Bears, Chargers and Bills signal caller Doug Flutie, but he was suspended on May 23 after reports emerged that he had been cited for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Eagles coach Steve Addazio said in a press release that the 20-year-old standout could face additional sanctions when further details about the May 21 incident are revealed.

AAA report critical of THC blood tests

Illinois residents likely know that marijuana has been legalized for medical or recreational use in a number of states, and some road safety advocates are concerned that this could lead to a rise in traffic accidents involving impaired drivers. Determining marijuana impairment is usually done using blood tests, but a study conducted on behalf of AAA has concluded that blood testing for THC has no scientific merit.

Man sentenced in connection with deadly DUI accident

An Illinois resident is slated to spend 10 years in prison after appearing in court on May 8. He pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated drunk driving earlier in the year in connection with a deadly accident that occurred in July 2014. The court's sentencing in the case took place in Macon County.

Police suspect dealer used woman's apartment to sell drugs

An Illinois drug bust revealed a unique situation on April 28 when the authorities in possession of a search warrant found a supposed drug dealer operating out of the Berwyn apartment of a mentally-challenged woman. The 59-year-old woman reportedly received cocaine and cash in exchange for the use of her apartment as a drug distribution headquarters, and a Riverside Police Department representative said that the woman did not have the ability to understand what was going on.

NFL player faces more DUI charges

Chicago Bears fans may be aware of wide receiver Justin Blackmon and his problems with substance abuse. He has been through at least two programs and has been suspended from the NFL since 2013. In December 2015, he was detained and charged with misdemeanor DUI. After an officer stopped him because of a brake light problem, he struggled with a field sobriety test and failed an initial breath test. He refused a Breathalyzer.

Will pending laws help the heroin problem in Illinois?

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs on the market and is a problem in Illinois and the rest of the nation. Easy access to prescription medications coupled with the low price of opiates on the street are facilitating this drug crisis. Some note that heroin is more accessible than marijuana.

Police say drunk driver became violent in police station

A Chicago-area police officer was sent to the emergency room on April 23 after a woman who was being booked for drunk driving attacked him. According to reports, the 32-year-old woman became violent during fingerprinting in the Riverside Police Department booking room. The woman allegedly punched, kicked and spit on one of the arresting officers and told the officers that she was going to kill their children and grandchildren.