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Chicago police raid nets 64 arrests

A “target mission” by police on Chicago’s South Side on April 7 and 8 led to the arrest of 64 residents on a range of drug, weapons and sex charges. The vast majority were arrested on suspicion of felony drug charges.

Police shared few details of the campaign, except to say it targeted “organized crime,” according to the Chicago Tribune. Fifty arrests were based on felony drug charges, and 35 suspects had an arrest warrant taken out against them. All of the suspects were arrested in the Englewood, Deering and Chicago Lawn police district’s on the city’s South Side.

Besides the felony drug arrests, four people were arrested on suspicion of prostitution, and another three for unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. Fourteen more were arrested on unspecified misdemeanor charges.

Besides that, officers raided 21 premises based on suspicions that drug sales or gang activity occurred there. They issued 13 citations and seized 358 packs of untaxed cigarettes. Police also “tested” 21 bars for sale of alcohol to minors, citing one establishment.

Felony drug charges can lead to a lengthy prison sentence and other heavy penalties. And a felony record can prevent you from getting a job or even finding a place to live once you get out. This is why it is so important to speak to a defense attorney after you have been arrested -- before you answer questions from the police.

Depending on the circumstances, your defense attorney may be able to get illegally obtained evidence thrown out, or show that authorities lack sufficient evidence for conviction. Alternatively, he or she may be able to get the charges against you reduced, possibly avoiding incarceration.

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