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An Illinois speeding ticket can have huge costs

Although a speeding ticket creates an immediate financial inconvenience in the form of the associated fine, this amount can pale in comparison to the long-term cost. An insurance increase is not unusual for an individual who has had an infraction, but in Illinois, a ticket for 15 miles per hour in excess of the speed limit can be less expensive than the insurance hike that will follow. Further, that increase can be expected to last for at least five years.

A survey of statewide data indicates that the actual financial impact of a ticket on insurance is more than six times the cost of the ticket itself. However, this amount can vary based on one's location. The average long-term insurance cost for a ticket in Harvey is nearly $1,000. This community also has the highest insurance rates in the state. In Evanston, the five-year cost is approximately $600. Of the 10 most expensive cities in terms of insurance hikes for speeding, the majority are located in Cook County.

In some cases, minor tickets don't have to result in higher insurance rates. Those who have good driving records could avoid receiving a conviction for a speeding infraction by paying the appropriate fine along with an additional fee for a traffic safety course. This can prevent the infraction from leading to insurance changes. If a conviction cannot be avoided, it may be wise to research other auto insurance policy options to determine if a different carrier will overlook a minor violation.

In some cases, speeding can result in misdemeanor charges for the drivers involved. In an effort to avoid the serious financial hit in terms of both conviction costs and insurance hikes, those affected might find legal assistance to be helpful in mounting a challenge.

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