On Feb. 18, police in Illinois accused a man and a woman of selling prescription medication. The 32-year-old man and 25-year-old woman were handed drug charges after police conducted a search of their apartment in Palatine. The Palatine Police Department allegedly discovered three suboxone pills and 72 hydrocodone pills during the search.

The search and seizure followed an undercover investigation in which police officers bought prescription narcotics from both of the accused individuals. After the drugs were found at the apartment, the man and woman were both taken into police custody.

According to reports, the accused man was charged with three counts of felony unlawful delivery of a controlled substance while the accused woman received two counts for the same charge. Both individuals were charged with one count of felony possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. There were no reports about whether the accused persons have any prior convictions for drug offenses on their records. When it is a first offense, the prosecution is often more willing to negotiate for reduced charges.

Felony drug charges may be reduced to misdemeanor charges in some cases. If a defendant is willing to plead guilty and submit to certain conditions, the prosecuting attorney may agree to lessen the severity of the penalty. People who are facing charges for drug activities may have a better chance of negotiating a plea deal if they have representation from a criminal defense attorney early on in their case. In some cases, the attorney can successfully challenge on constitutional grounds the legality of the search that led to the seizure of the drugs.

Source: Palatine Patch, “Palatine Residents Face Drug Charges for Selling Prescription Pills: Police,” Amie Schaenzer, Feb. 21, 2016

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